June 18, 2007

Inspiring Terrace Gardens

I found the following great ideas for our garden and terrace by Mylandscapes, UK based contemporary roof garden and terrace garden design specialists via one of my favorite blogs Desire to Inspire.

The alternative is to use planter pots of different shapes and same colour, e.g. blue or terracotta. But the first solution would allow an automatic watering for the plants in the dryer summers.
In China, these pots are so cheap. The biggest would be around 12 - 18 USD. I could ship lots of them...

... downstairs, garden with grass and some tiles for the seating area...
... and as we have no space for a pool, I thought of a cheaper version ...


And this is our modest reality, the roof terrace, where you can harvest capers at the moment.

And the 'garden' viewed from above. I would keep the floor covered with grass. A purple bougainvillea, a white oleander, a lemon tree and a agave plant, maybe some cactus (outside the fence on the rock) would be typical plants from the region.


  1. Good idea on using local plants... especially if you are away a lot, they will thrive in that environment. If you use too many "alien" plants they will need lots of attention, which you might not be able to give.

    I think it's going to be amazing!

  2. Such breath taking views! (I am still worried about kids up there though! Yikes!)

    1. Hi Katie,
      just re-read your comment (nowadays there is a reply function) and I can say that we already have put an extra rail on top of the terrace ballustrade for security reason (in the picture one element is leaning against the balustrde). - For the garden though, I want to plant more cactuses near the fence to keep everyone in a certain distance.

  3. Oh my my my! I love your plant ideas - the more bouginvillea the better and lemon trees too!

  4. I have not such a green thumb with bouganvillea, whenever I have them in my garden (Thailand or China) I hardly have blossoms, although I gave them vitamines.
    And the lemon tree, I heard, needs lots of sun and also water,... so I am not sure if it will survive without me staying there.
    But I will see and looking forward to plant it there. This summer... three weeks to go!!!!!!!!

    1. update: lemon tree and bouganvillea in April 2013 without many leaves... lemon tree lacks of sun and for bouganvillea, we need to wait, spring just started