March 05, 2008

Before and After: Seaside Facade

The patient before in 2006 - a little cleansing and colour is necessary:

And voila, after the treatment in 2008:

Well ... it's a new face ... I have to get used to it ... it might take a while. Not sure if I like the blue over the windows. Maybe a bit too much colour for an old lady? Hmm, the pinkish rouge before was suiting her very well... also the grey balustrade had charm. I guess, this is how you feel after a beauty surgery: is it still me?

While restoring they found blue colour over the windows and the architetto thought to use it again. If we don't like it, we could overpaint it. We agreed. Only now, I see the result, but the scaffolding is gone... How funny!

Update photo 2009:

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  1. Don't change a thing! I LOVE it! Especially with your little lemon tree.:)

  2. Hi Katie,
    did you enlarge the second picture?
    Maybe its very 'mediterranean'. It is not bad. A 'serious' colour. It probably looks better on the main facade on the piazza.
    Thanks for loving it! It will take me not too long, hopefully, to feel the same.

  3. Pretty pretty! I like the blue accents :)

  4. How lovely! The "after" pic, which isn't as bright as the "before" probably doesn't do it justice (compare the skies).

    Is the structure made of stone in front part of your property? And is the terrace on top is yours?

  5. I absolutely LOVE IT including the blue

  6. I've seen the progression of works , they are soo fast!

    I love the final result of peach colour and the blue spots are nice indeed.

    You seems so doubtful about the loss of the old look of the palazzo, and well, it's obviously true but this actual look is so clean and simple and well inserted in the surrounding palazzi, you'll enjoy it once you'll get there in summer.


  7. Hello Everybody,
    thank you for your support!

    It is not that I do not like the result. It is different and I need to get used to the new and clean look of our old palazzo.

    Both pictures are zoomed in and croped. In reality you are further away, 54 meters below to be more specific.

    Jean, you are right, the blue sky is missing in the second picture for the contrast. - And the balcony is not painted yet in the new colour.

    Yes, the lower part's structure is stone, it is the basement, the seminterrato and there is a terrace on top.

  8. It is wonderful. I love the look of raw stone, and the villa itself is great. I can't wait to see pictures of the terrace when it is decorated with beautiful flowers and nice places to sit and enjoy the view. One thing I really admired in Italy was how people there can make such luscious gardens in containers.

  9. I think the blue looks great.

  10. I haven't visited your blog in such a long time, and am amazed at the progress! Congrats, it looks fabulous! You must be very excited.