March 30, 2008

Doors, doors, doors

These are some doors we like. We have to do one main entrance door and two smaller doors on each side of the main entrance. All doors are part of the facade facing the piazza. Beside choosing the right design, I was wondering: should the three doors be in the same style:
1) simple yet elegant, like the two left doors in the pic
2) more elaborated, like the two right doors in the pic
or maybe show a bit of contrast
3) main entrance elaborated and the smaller doors simple?

My favorite is alternative 3): prominent main entrance while the two side doors, both in the same style, can be more simple. Imagine, each door has its own street number! - My husband however, thinks all three doors should look the same. Last but not least because the house is one entity.

Any suggestions?


  1. I like your idea best.... but all elaborate if he must have his way

  2. Until I visited your blog again - it's been a while I admit, I've been so busy travelling - I had completely forgotten that your beautiful Palazzo was in Pizzo, Calabria. How could I?! But I did! We're going there in a few weeks - my husband and I have been asked to write the first edition of a guide book to Calabria - it will be the first quality guide devoted to the region in English. Any tips?! And will you be there I wonder. It would be wonderful to meet. Or at least see your beautiful house!

  3. What an amazing choice. I am off to Paris soon to look for doors for our cottage extension. The chgoice in the UK is minimal

  4. To stljoie: thanks for your comment (I cannot access your blog)

    To Lara: it would be great to meet you! However we will be there probably not before July / August.
    How long are you going to stay? I have many tips! Where are you going to be 'based' or maybe 'camping'?! (I read your research).

    To Di: our architetto will make a drawing and the workman who builts our windows will also built the doors. Looking forward to your door research in Paris.

  5. I like your idea the best as well.

  6. I like the doors on the right the best. The two on the left are too flat (personally I don't like the second one at all). The other "fancy" is too fancy. The doors on the right end are interesting, but still simple. They could be used on all three entrances.

  7. Just had to delurk to say how much I am enjoying my little taste of Italy through your blog. Your house by the sea is really wonderful.

    I agree with your thoughts on option 3. I like the idea of a grander main door so guests know which one to knock on. What was the original intention of the building? Were the other doors for domestic staff? In which case they probably weren't meant to be in the same style as the main door.

    I love the ironwork arch over the first two door options. So Italian.