July 28, 2008

The Renovation of the Facade goes on and on and on

Some might wonder about the progress of the renovation work.
Is the house livable yet?
We have not continued with the interior.
They are still working on the front facade - since a couple of months... on hourly rate... (please don't comment on this).

Here, part of the photo documentation sent via mail from Italy over the last couple of weeks:

Repair of the 'stones look'.

Renovation of the window frames including new window sills.

Balcony beam reconstruction (first, they were too short like shown here in the pic).

Water access (forgot why here)

New stone plates will be added.

* * *
I will be visiting the site tomorrow.
However, I will not have Internet access for a couple of days.
Happy holidays!
Until soon.


  1. I just know it will all be worth it. Can't wait to see it without the scaffolding

  2. Smart move to secure the outside first--akin to fixing the roof of a more modest house before working on granite countertops in the kitchen. The timeless facade will always be relevant; the interior fashions will change every 7 years--so why chase those comets?

  3. The roof is not finished either...

    However, the reason why we are having done the outside first - even with colour - is the following:

    in order to build the windowframes in the right size the facades with the windows and window sills needed to be remodelled / repaired. Now we use a special plaster that is premixed with colour. (Sorry, I don't know the excact technical terms.)

    But this is the reason the house will have the facades coloured before anything else is ready! A bit funny. But apparently this plaster is more durable.

    And for the inside: we are trying to combine some modern classics with the tradition of the palazzo. We are not running after the last fashion - unless its original, usefull and pleasant.

    And for the speed of process: my husband says we can't afford to go faster. Everytime some part is finished its payday...

    I am happy about evey comment!
    It is more fun to blog with comments.

  4. This looks absolutely fabulous, Suzie. I can only imagine the incredible view through all that glass. It will be stunning!!!