September 19, 2008

Travel: I will be here...

Lucky me, I will be here in a couple of hours.
Can you guess where ?
Happy weekend !

Photo: by Comenius Roethlisberger via Lumas Gallery


  1. Hey, where are you? Give us some news:)

  2. Okay, okay, here I am...

    That other weekend I was in Rome. A post about it is still in my head.

    Last weekend I was again in Italy - Liguria - God, so beautiful! If I would not have a house in Calabria, I would look for one in Liguria (problem is the price level). I will post about that fantastic weekend as well.

    And sorry for the silence. My life is a bit disorganised at the moment. Remember, I was moving from China back to Germany. And in the meanwhile we did three trips to Italy while part of our container is waiting to be unpacked... and the blue thing that helps downloading pictures from my camera is still missing.

    No pics, no post (at least not about travelling).

    Thanks for being patient and coming back again later.


  3. oh.. and to prove how disorganised I am, I just forgot to mention that I have workers at my house (in Germany) to connect our former appartment with a smaller one to gain some space. So I have two construction areas! One in front of my nose and one in the South of Italy (the latter I am following by mail, photo and phone).