September 17, 2008

Now I have to live with this ...

Our windows are ready!


What is this?

Who has chosen these shiny hinges?

Oh, no!
Nobody has asked me to choose hinges!
I would have never chosen this colour! Not this shape!

Oh, no!
Was it a language problem?
I don't even know if hinges is the right word in English... (maybe cardine in Italian?)

Or was it a trick to get rid of these ugly pieces?

Oh, I am so stupid to not have though myself of this!

Big mistake! Big mistake!

We have discussed about colour and material and shape for the window frames, but that was it.
Windows need hinges and handles... an important detail!!!
Now I have to live with this...
... maybe I can paint them white?... every year.... sh*t!

Windows, windows... we have around 24 windows ...

Did I tell the other story about our windows?
That we had to order the windows in two different colours? White for the inside - and brown for the outside, because our architetto claimed that this is a restriction from the commune?
Pah!! Mistake!
This summer we learned, that white window frames for the outside is historically totally correct for palazzi in the historical center of Pizzo. Brown is more for the area around Serra San Bruno, mountain region...
No, this is not funny!

Okay, I have to admit, that maybe white windows might not look that great on our facade as we have white plaster like a second frame around the windows (see picture). So a brown window frame (or green or grey, also allowed by the town council) might look a bit less pale. We will see.

But not these window hinges and handles!
Big mistake: to not pay attention into details!

Another mistake (from my point of view) was the granite chosen for the window sills.


  1. My windows have been here a month and we just discovered this morning that the beading doesn't fit. New beading has to be sent from Ireland before the glass can go in. Still I did order the right window furniture.
    Never mind they are only windows :) chin up darling!

  2. I'm sure everything will be gorgeous when it's all put together; sometimes the big picture really helps the details come together in a way that you hadn't imagined.

    Or maybe you'll have to change out 24 sets of hinges ;)

  3. I think Michelle is right: it will look so different when they're in the room. I had to put hinges on the outside of my kitchen cabinets because of the way they're mounted, and they turned out much better than I expected. And the brown window frames next door look very handsome, doesn't break up the window panes as much as white would. Take heart!

  4. Ciao Carissime,

    sometimes talking to someone about something that bothers you or blogging about it helps already to feel more calm.

    After having calmed down a bit. I received Di's comment about her windows... shared trouble is half trouble.

    And of course there are worse things then window hinges. I feel a bit crazy to complain about my 24 windows... almost like the 'princess and the pea'.

    Anyway, I talked to my husband (after the post) and he said that he and his father one day went alone to the crafter's shop and have chosen these hinges. But with the assumption that we will order brown wooden windows (for the inside). After having changed our mind to the white colour, nobody thought about maybe changing the colour for the hinges as well.

    BUT HE thinks, they look OKAY.
    --> Most important!
    That means, that I might like them too (when I see the big picture!) ;-)