June 11, 2009

Beach House Ideas via Coastal Living

Slow blogging seems to be accepted nowadays, even praised, and - luckily - it does not change much of a blog's google ranking.

But now, it is time for a new post.

The summer is approaching and I browsed online the magazine Coastal Living for inspiration:

Red, blue and white are the classic colours for fishermen boats. Ideal for the interior of a beach house. Here the blue color comes from the sky and the sea. So you do not need to repeat it in the interior. Just use red and white for a fresh contrast. Photo by Deborah Withlaw.

The diner style bar stools, above in red, here in white, invite you to sit down - even with wet beach wear. Photo by Richard Leo Johnson.

We think of using oak panels for the flooring in the living and dining area, instead of cotton or Vietri tiles. Just natural warm wood, great to walk barfoot. Photo by Colleen Duffley.

Hung in series, everyday objects create a focal point on white walls. For beach houses use objects found on the beach or bought in boat supply shops. Photo by Paul Wicheloe.

I like this bathroom. The antique chest is perfect for storage and matches the age of the house. The modern sleek sinks on top are a good contrast. I also like the simple white rectangular tiles. Often seen in French country houses's bathrooms. And of course I like the Chinese stool. Always good to place towels or clothes. Photo by Paul Wicheloe.

Our son gets a very tiny (old style overhanging bathroom). We plan to squeeze a tiny shower in (max. 70 x 70 cm). This kind of shower curtain rail would be great. Also like the color of the shower curtain. Photo by Richard Leo Johnsonn


  1. Beautiful beachy interiors. Coastal Living is the best inspiration!

  2. I love Coastal Living Magazine. Unfortunately they do not ship the magazine to Europe. Boohoo....

    1. Checking it online transports me always to the sea...

  3. Love that old chest in the bathroom and the oars above the sofa. Hope all is well with you and yours

  4. For Di:
    of course you must love the chest! It is a French chest. I forgot to mention it in the post, but you must have felt it!
    We are all doing fine. Thanks!

    To Jeff9:
    if you advertise here, I have to mention MY favorite all in one WC/bidet. It is from the Turkish manufacturer TEMTASI. It works perfect and is less complicated than any Japanese toilet.
    Maybe I should post about it...

  5. To Caribou and Beach House Dreamer:

    I really do like what I see on Coastal Living.

    And what I saw online is not too bad. Maybe a little consolation for people in Europe.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours and I hope to get to know more of you and Italy through your delightful blog.