July 13, 2009

Calabria through an artist's eye

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(click on the photograph to go to the source)

"Sono una fotografa per caso" - she is a photographer by accident, describes Anna Leporati Serrao (before aka pannaphotos) herself at flickr.

I am totally fascinated by her pictures - photos that sometimes look like paintings.

The above picture "gazing at the see" is taken by Anna near the piazza in Pizzo. I screen captured it... I hope this is okay with the artist (click on the photo to go back to the source).

In her photo set "SUD" at flickr you will find some more gems of Calabria's beauty and charme. I marked some of Anna's work as my favorites of flickr.

(source: Anna Leporati Serrao via flickr)


  1. Hello there :)

    An italian-lover fram Norway who just discovered your blog, makes an appearance :D I just went through all your old entries, and I just love what you have done to the old house..... Will keep cheking up on you here for updates.

    Wishing you a happy summer.


  2. I thought that was your balcony and wondered what was with the graffiti :)

  3. Hi Catherine,
    nice to meet you and lets stay in touch.

    Hi Di,
    FUNNY !! I am still laughing !!
    No, this is a public balcony - also called the public living room of the village.

    And graffitis are all over Italy, especially Rome and further South. What a shame!

    I heard that Berlusconi wants to do more for the environment... and fighting graffiti was one of his core targets :)