March 18, 2010

Room by Room : Bagno piano terra

As I said, over the last years I have collected lots of pictures and inspirations in a "room by room" file on my computer. Now I need to make a selction and print core ideas in order to make a nice filing for our next visit in Pizzo.

I have started with the smallest room, the overhanging toilet (I posted just about the shrinked window).

 Next comes the bathroom of the ground floor (il bagno piano terra):

I really like the combination of the floral floor tiles and the silver mosaic for the shower area. However I want to keep the GREEN - maybe a terra cotta floor would suit better together with a greenish mosaic or smalto (lacquered water resisting paint) for the walls in the shower and behind the toilet and bidet.
(above my favorite pics... hope not to bore you)

And we need two sinks. I tend to use utility kind of sinks to creat a casual look. This will be a bathroom where we will have a washing mashine and where I will rinse our beach wear.

And we need to think of a solution for the sandy feet issue:
We never come home from the beach with properly cleaned feet. 
Washing the sandy feet in an utility sink might cause congestions. -We could do it the "Asian beach resort way": a barrel or tub full of water with a dipper - located in the right entrance or on the balcony.


  1. I have never heard of an overhanging toilet - sounds ominous :)

  2. Hi Di,
    "overhanging" toilet is not the correct expression, I guess...
    So I checked my dictionary ( and it offers:

    I am talking about the little toilet that we have in the second floor. You can see it in the first image on my blogroll. It is the little thing that hangs on the right (overhanging?). It probably used to be a little shithouse or jakes before. - Now it will be a tiny bathroom!

    I hope this explains it better.

  3. Hi
    May I suggest the following wall hung pan. Subway by Villeroy & Boch. It's a neat solution and no little pockets in the side of the pan to collect dust. Also worth checking V&B's ceramic sinks, lots of sizes available. Now for outside shower. You could have some fun with The Drop by Paco Jaanson. It's available in bright colours. Outdoor showers are huge in Austalia. Have fun. Love your blog.