March 20, 2010

Room by Room: cucina piano terra

My drawings, measuring and thoughts for our kitchen at the ground floor

I can picture a mix of styles: mediterranean country and modern sleek. Vietri tiles (above from De Maio) either with a stone walled kitchen or modern surface. Modern small island for breakfast and workspace. Modern appliance, steel surface fridge (2 doors) and large old fashioned gas cooker / stove.


  1. Those tiles are fantastic. That's what I picture in a mediteranean kitchen. What fun planning a new kitchen!

  2. I like the white open shelves with white the champaign bottles of course.
    It will be beautiful anyhow.
    All the best,

  3. You are helping me get to work. I have a few square meters (60) downstairs to restore. First, have to measure the rooms, and do drawings to make up for my lack of Italian. It will be great to be here this time. ..although maybe not for Angelo (our contractor). The downstairs will be a bit different because a window and terrace doors down there are too good to replace and the style is different. The bathroom is tiny and I want to remove the wall that separates kitchen (tiny) and the soggiorno area. There all 5 types of tile (one for each room and one for the hall). I'm afraid I'm a single tile person. I COULD think about taking it all and making holistic design out of it---it would be less wasteful but I just don't like the lil' bits of marble kinda tile. Doug doesn't see how you could reuse the tile cheaply. Know anything about that?

  4. Thank you Ratzmatz and Patty.

    Yvalie spotted the bottles... in Italy it will be Prosecco although.

    To Diana and Guido:
    I often see different tiles in every single room ! Also my parents in law have it in their appartment. Somehow funny. But when renovating you should get one single flooring tile in order to make it appear more spacious.

    For the old tiles: if you like them or if they are special in some way you could use them in a toilet for flooring or on one wall - or - if they are really nice and you only have few - as a counter top / table top / surface on a square wrought iron table.

    How about that ?