April 03, 2010

open air kitchen dream

This morning I found this dream of a kitchen :

ACROPOLIS by snaidero

Well, it is an unconventional one, very unconventional...

PS: I will add some more kitchen links to my resource links


  1. ciao a tutti,
    I didn't visit the blog for 3/4 days and what have I found? tons of stuff to read and comment! Now my Easter holidays are complete!
    I'm with you on white beams and wooden floor. The final result should really be enchanting and marine-chic!

    buona Pasqua a tutti

  2. My husband is in love with any outdoor kitchen. I bet that would be his decision to by a property...

  3. Ciao Fiorella, buona pasqua! Nice to hear from you here. Marine-chic ... let's see !

    Yvalie, you are right, it is not only that kitchen, it't that property with that view ! (we have it! the view!) And some already asked why we do not have an outdoor bar or kitchen. But it does rain a lot in Calabria.
    Anyway, no need to buy another property at the sea - just come visiting us !!!

  4. Can't wait to see the realisation of your dream! Keep up the good work!