June 16, 2010

blue blue blue

Isn't this colour amazing ?
This ringhiera (balustrade) is not for bellezza (beauty). It is for safety.
But now, with this blue coat of paint it became really beautiful !

And here we have the first bathroom to come to life !
With some blue colour it looks so inviting !

Many ask me what the palazzo is doing. It is progressing so fast ! You won't believe it because I have no time to blog. But Angelo is still on site and pushes the work continiously. He is there everyday. And he sends me pictures everyday. I just can't keep pace with him and post everything new and pretty.

BTW, I am back from Bangkok (back in Germany). I spent there three full days. We did decide on the school for our son. But not about the place to live in. Actually, I could start the countdown for the move to Thailand now ...

Unfortunately our German school holidays for this summer start late (end of July) and the British international school holiday in Thailand end early (mid August), so there is no time to spend summer holiday in Italy in our house and on the beach. It seems that we have to wait until next year to enjoy what Angelo is preparing and organizing so well.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!@!
    Art by Karena

  2. What fun to discover both your blogs! I would be thankful for Angelo he sounds a treat.

  3. Just think how much you will have to enjoy when you do eventually get to see all Angelo's beautiful handiwork for yourself. It looks like it is progressing well. The blue looks glorious both indoors and out.

  4. Dear Suzie,
    what a wonderful place to spend your future holidays when you will be visiting Europe from Thailand. Just amazing. It is def. worth the wait!
    All the best,