July 29, 2010

blue mission

Blue ringhiere look good everywhere.
On the seaside from top to semiinterrato.

(for details click on pic to enlarge)

blue balustrade of the balcony on the ground floor

Only the balustrade around our tiny garden is not yet blue.
But then, after that: blue mission completed.

I forgot to post these pictures:

Angelo sent me this one, with no comment, and at first sight I did not really understood what this line near the ceiling that looks like a shadow would be... is it a blue stipe ??!

In the next picture I saw it clearly :
Angelo must have got crazy about blue !
I think he had some left over blue paint and obviously thought a bit of blue will add an interesting note to our bedroom. So funny.


  1. Blue was the perfect choice....it blurs the boundary from the railing to the water. Gorgeous view.

  2. Oh yes! You found the right words to discribe the effect of the blue paint ! Grazie ! It's amazing ! I have to admit that this is a side effect, not our intention in the first place.