January 31, 2011

The red Bathroom

After a turquoise bathroom, a wild Vietri tile mix bathroom, a green bathroom and a tiny overhanging bathroom we now also can offer a red bathroom:

a WC in a cosy niche

the shower is in another niche, a space that was taken way from the bedroom to get a full bathroom out of the former restroom - between shower and sink comes a radiator (also for towels)

what about a rectangular mirror mounted upright ?

You see, the bathroom is not finished yet, but I cannot wait, I have to post these pictures to show the progress, since it's the guest bathroom and guests have booked their flights....

This standing WC has apparently no mounting height level problem. The shower will be - I forgot - one of those we bought in China (while living in Beijing). The red mosaic was chosen by my creative husband after I had run out of ideas. Also the flooring. He said he does not want just green and blue bathrooms (!)

Some previous posted pictures of the red bathroom can be found here - the name and source of the tiles as well as some old BEFORE pictures here.


  1. wowza- that is BRIGHT. that's a room you get ready for a hot date in. :)

  2. In the last pictures he sent, the bath did not look that flashy. I think it is just the light. Or did he add another coat of paint?

    We will see how hot my guest will look after getting ready for dinner ...

  3. Hi Susanne,
    In August we don't need to get tanned on the beach; we just lay down in the bathroom and we'll get the best Carribbean tannning ever seen!!


  4. Red, red, glorious red. How I love red!

  5. Fiorella, you make me laugh! LOL

    Maybe we will need AC in this room?

  6. Red hot! It is a nice chance after the usual all turquoise beachhouses color scheme. Kudos for picking all those different colored bathrooms. Sounds like so much fun.

    I hope to enjoy the guest bathroom one day (one summer day).
    All the best,

  7. Whenever this post with this red hot chilli bathroom popps up, I feel I need to wear sunglasses!

    However, Yvalie, you are right. Back in Germany we did the classic chic large black slate floor tiles and large beige travertine on the walls, rest white.

    Here we are in Italy! In the deep South of Italy. Some locals "complaint" already, we are not using enough colour. So here we go!

    And if the first guests feel uncomfortable or suffer from unwanted side effects, we can think the solour scheme over.