April 15, 2011

Progressing, Unpacking and the Bar

We are progressing. Half of the house is now ready for furnishing - but the other half is still dusty construction. Although we are closing doors between ready and non-ready areas, the workers (and ourselves) walk up and down between clean and dusty areas. So by now, dust is mainly everywhere... but we are progressing. Here in photos:

the blue bathroom got flooring:
restored terra cotta tiles previously used in other areas of the house 

We also finally got flooring in the entrance:
restored old tiles with floral pattern previously used in a room in the first floor

we visited an antique dealer in Vibo Valentia to look for some wardrobes and commodes since we need to store clothes, bed linnen, towels etc somewhere - the above wardrobe is French, but we bought it nevertheless

ahh, the kitchen... la cucina.... the planning seems endless, but it's coming

the guestroom looks like this now... no matress yet, but tons of cushions...

it took us 3 days to find all parts and screws and to understand how to mount this bunk bed

unpacked boxes awaiting to be thrown out

If you take a closer look, you will see, that the boxes are from three different moving companies! Why? Because we have been moving a couple of times and there are boxes that are almost waiting since three years to be unpacked and some were even packed more than eight (!!!) years ago. No wonder, we are sometimes surprised about what we find inside...

it seems to take ages to unpack - maybe because I can't take my eyes from that view !!!
Just now, during my little phototaking break, CC comes upstairs to take me to the bar for an espresso ...

11 am espresso at the bar
(I always take espresso macchiato, with a spot of milk)

Angelo kept working. We bring him an espresso from the bar, also one for the carpenter who is having appointment with us now on site.

12 am another espresso at the bar
(this time CC in company of a friend and the carpenter)

Finally, our first tartuffo ! CC and I shared one (it's almost lunch time)

Katia and Pino
The piazza is like the living room of the village, you always meet someone you know!

La vita e bella! Especially when the sun is shining warm on you, the sky is blue, it's 12 am in Pizzo and all the churches bells are ringing, with the view over the sea ... it feels like you have yet reached paradise. 


  1. Dear Suzie,
    it must feel so wonderful to finally start arriving...unpacking, espresso, sun and view...you are getting there!!
    All the best,

  2. Looks like we will be lucky in Thailand if you EVER return! ahhhhh...the joys and dust of renovation.

  3. It is all coming together beautifully, but speaking from experience closed doors will not keep that dust out. You will still be cleaning it away after the work is all complete but the effort will all be so worthwhile :)

  4. Hi Suzie,
    Was just wondering when you will be taking reservations for the guest quarters. I would love to put in my reservation as soon as it is open to do so. I am looking forward to discovering Pizzo. Thank you!

  5. to concrete jungle:
    indeed, I have not te slightest desire to return to Bangkok right now! I wish I could spend spring and summer in Pizzo and from November to March I would life in Bangkok. Just need to figure out how the schooling for our son ;-)

    to LindyLouMac:
    I know, the fine dust goes every where. But after so many years of renovation and waiting, it does not matter anymore to me. I should clean and wash everything anyway one by one after the things have been in boxes for so many years and stored in an unheated house at the sea ...

    to Liz:
    thank you so much for your inquiry!!! It makes it more fun !
    As soon as we are ready for renting out our "guest residence" I will post it on my blog. But I guess next spring or summer should be ok. - Pizzo is such a fantastic laid back place, you will like it!

  6. MichelleMay 01, 2011

    Wow, this progress. It's fun just lokking at the pictures. Must be a LOT better in reality. :-)
    I'm also looking forward to the guest residence. ^^