December 07, 2007

Pink or Yellow?

It is time to decide about the colour for the outside walls.


Or yellow?


Or yellow?

This is the picture I got as a proposal. Difficult to tell on the screen what this color would be on the wall. Is it more 'yellow' or 'orange'?.

It is a coloured plaster. Different from painting on plaster. Some technique that gives the facades a kind of antique look.

I really like the colour of the seaside facade. We call it 'pink'.
Although, to me, it is more a 'pale coral'. (I think of the coral fishers that used to dive for coral underneath the house).

BTW, the seaside facade's color is the background color of this blog!

And I think that the blue tiles fit perfectly to this 'pink'.

But would it look good on the other facade that faces the piazza?


(We want to paint three sides of the house in the same color and leave the one stone wall as it used to be for the last 200 and something years.)

Picture source: drawings of the house by Pino Pitt (colored by me);
other picture by me, except the yellow palazzo which is the Xara Palace in Malta via Architectural Digest magazine.


  1. Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great picture by the way of the front side, or is it the back side that faces the sea!! Finally - you can really see the house. Beautiful!


  2. Yes, I love the coral pink colour too. You see a lot of it on the old Portuguese colonial buildings in Macau and I love it!

  3. I say, go with the pink! There are many natural tones that blend in with the environment so well. My favorite pink is the color of the Goddess Aurore's cheeks when she rises from her sleep and ignites the morning sky.